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Post-Event Evaluation

Thank you for hosting your event in the Entertainment Capital of the World! Now that your event has concluded, please fill out the below evaluation by the due date set forth in your agreement. If you have any questions, please call us at (702) 260-8605 or contact us via email at We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Event Info

Name of Event
Event Date(s):
Were the dates appropriate for this event (ie. weather, availability of rooms, etc.)?
What venues were used to hold the event?
Were you satisfied with the venues)?

Event Attendance

Total Tickets Collected:
If event is multi-day, provide tickets per day
Total Out-Of-Town Staff:
Crew, sponsors, participants, performers, etc.
Total Out-Of-Town Media

Event Marketing

What were your primary means for marketing your event?
TV, radio, print, digital, newsletter, etc.
What specific efforts were used to draw out-of-town visitors?
What were your target markets?

Event Analysis

How were the overall operations of the event?
What spin-off events took place and how successful were they?
Provide your analysis of the event, including strengths, weaknesses & improvements for the future.
(Attach a PDF below if more space is needed)
What was your schedule of events?
Additional Analysis/Schedule of Events

Ticket Sales

Was this a ticketed event?

If yes, what were the ticket prices?
What was the average ticket price?
What was the total capacity for the event?

Sponsors & Partners

Who were the additional sponsors and how did they benefit from your event?
Did you partner with any host hotels? If so, who?
Who were your media partners? If the event was televised, please include dates & times.


How were the sponsorship dollars used?
Attach a copy of the financial report comparing actual expenses to the approved event budget.

Contact Info

Name of Company
First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Download PDF

If you prefer to print and email your post-event evaluation, please download the below PDF and email the completed form to
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