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How We Operate

Signature Events:

Signature Events exist to create a more defined means for evaluating and approving sponsorship of the events LVE produces, supports and assists. The initiative further ensures the success of the event by more efficiently connecting event producers, hotel properties and sponsors.

What is a Signature Event?

A "Signature Event" is an event that is held annually, attracts a large contingent of adult out-of-town visitors, includes advances media elements that support ticket sales, has the potential to grow and includes spin-off events that can be bundled and promoted throughout the destination.

Signature Event Uniqueness:

  • In addition to the anchor event, multiple spin-off events are created for guests, allowing them to package these experiences during their stay in Las Vegas.
  • Partnerships are created with hotels to assist the sale of tickets and the creation of spin-off events.
  • A fully integrated multi-level marketing program is launched to promote all aspects of the event to their fan base via mass, direct and social media.
  • Sponsors are integrated into both anchor and spin-off events.
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