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Vegas takes over the Nov. 2-8, 2015 issue of Sports Business Journal. Take an inside look at special events in Vegas, how LVE operates and get more information from many of our event partners and venues, including: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Thomas & Mack Center, MGM Resorts International, South Point, PBR, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, Orleans Arena and Las Vegas Arena.

"As a city, we are in the business of hospitality. When it comes to special events, we really have no peer as a destination." - Rossi Ralenkotter | President, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

"We are in the business of entertaining our fans and creating memories for those fans. There is no better city in the world that knows how to entertain and gives the level of service that Las Vegas does." - Rob Cornelius | Vice President, United World Sports

"In any other city, an event will be playing to the crowd in a stadium or arena; when your event is in Las Vegas, it is more like a major music festival with multiple themed stages across the city. Anywhere else an event plays a venue, here it's an entire city." - Pat Christenson | President, Las Vegas Events

"Our fans, alumni and season ticket holders have been resoundingly loud in stating they want the tournament in Las Vegas." - Craig Thompson | Mountain West Commissioner

Click HERE to check out the Vegas issue of Sports Business Journal.
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